LNG Earthquake Response Platform


Kinemetrics Management Infrastructure Platform for LNG Facilities

KMI-LNG is a complete platform designed to Immediately understand the impact of seismic events on your structures, eliminate guesswork, and enable better informed decision making to ensure safe and compliant operations and response during emergency situations.

Ensuring Operational Continuity

Catastrophic losses result from interrupted operations at LNG facilities during earthquakes. Decisions must be made quickly and responsibly, so it is critical to determine the actual impact to structures, and correlate it to proper emergency response procedures.

Unnecessary shutdown or evacuation of LNG facilities during an earthquake can result in massive financial losses and a loss of confidence in the operation of the site. Accurate assessment of structural impact, and informative alerts are critical to safe and efficient operation of these facilities during an emergency.

Is the facility safe? Are structural evaluations required? How do you know?

Is real-world data driving your decision-making process?

Reliable observation of structural behavior during an earthquake is required to fully assess impact, deliver OBE and SSE alerts, and guide response actions at LNG facilities.

What if you had access to all the information required to make informed decisions and respond quickly? 

Maximizing Situational Awareness

KMI-LNG puts a complete LNG Earthquake Response Platform under your control.

Manage your LNG facilities with a combination of smart sensing technology, real-time processing, and predictive computations. Automated information tools and alarms deliver a solution tailored to your unique needs to ensure safe and compliant operational continuity.

Situational Awareness

Immediately understand the impact of seismic events on your structures to eliminate guesswork and enable better informed decision making

Intelligent Alarms

Receive Operating Basis Earthquake (OBE) and Safe Shutdown Earthquake (SSE) alerts to guide your emergency response

Emergency Response

Perform emergency response procedures with confidence based upon actionable information

Compliant Operations

Achieve and maintain compliance with local regulations

Understand the Status of Your Structures

Earthquake Impact Alerts (EIA)

During a seismic event, KMI-LNG EIA detects on-site shaking and automatically provides alerts on the exceedance of design performance criteria, delivering an immediate understanding of the possible impact on your structures and facilities. Information from sensors and real-time calculations provide actionable information on the level of impact, and the required response steps.

Alert Levels and Alarms

During an earthquake or other ground motion, KMI-LNG performs real-time analysis of measured response spectra to determine OBE or SSE exceedance that would allow either continued operations or start emergency protocols, such as emptying tanks for inspection. Reliable hardware alarms indicate the level of impact.

Multi-Asset Command & Control System (CCS)

KMI-LNG CCS provides a high-end data center that houses tools for monitoring the state-of-health of all deployed hardware, real-time data acquisition, and processing systems with automated reporting and dissemination functions.

In addition, KMI-LNG can be integrated with existing distributed control systems via standard communications protocols. This minimizes the time and effort required to implement and commission KMI-LNG within your facilities. 

A Kinemetrics Product

Since 1969, Kinemetrics and its subsidiaries have been the global market leaders in designing technology platforms, products, and solutions for monitoring earthquakes and their effects on people and structures. Our products represent the de facto standard to which other products are compared.

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